Between Gods And Kings 7.JPG

An unyeilding king's world is torn to pieces when a vengeful Greek god arrives in the ancient kingdom of Thebes. BETWEEN GODS AND KINGS is ripped from the pages of Euripides's tragedy The Bacchae, created by Austin Ruffer and Neil Douglas Reilly, with words by Austin Ruffer (Executable Mother, The Fair Folk, City Horror Anthology) and Maggie Herskowitz (Monster Prom, Loch Lomond), and music by Neil Douglas Reilly (Loch Lomond; orchestrations for Clinton, Rocky, and Stars of David). 

The king's strong-willed mother, Agave, and the people of Thebes are caught in the crossfire of this epic battle. How far would you go to protect your family name, and at what cost? BETWEEN GODS AND KINGS asks, is your life really yours when you’re stuck between gods and kings? 


Photo Credit: Jeff Eason